iMela – Festival – Event ::

Mela is the Indian name for a social gathering or a fair traditionally held across many parts of the country. Melas can vary from commercial, cultural, sports related or solely for entertainment of communities. Melas bring different cultures and communities together where various traditions and rituals are celebrated. I-Mela’s (international mela) first annual event occurred in 2013 @ Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls Ontario.

This international Mela was held at Queen Victoria Park which included live performances by various South Asian artists, a dance competition and a raffle draw. The event far exceeded expectation when it came to attendance; with a crowd of 12000 people even though it heavily rained the entire day. Not only were there international sensations such as Miss Pooja performing, but the backdrop for the event, the Niagara Falls, made the event memorable to all those in attendance. In addition to the performances there was a bhangra competition where teams from various universities battled it out for the top place. I-Mela is the first event of its kind to take place in picturesque Niagara.

In 2015 the event was bigger and better, people came from across the world to attend and take part in the international event…..