2017 Bhangra Registration is OPEN…



  1. The BATF Committee will be selecting 10 teams to compete at our competition as we encourage all male, female, and co-ed teams to apply.
  2. Each team must have minimum of 8 dancers and maximum of 16 dancers.  Your roster must not exceed 16 performers.
  3. The minimum time for your performance is 8 minutes and must not exceed 9 minutes.   If your team goes over 9 minutes, TEN Points will be deducted from your final score.
  4. If there is a live category, the minimum time for your performance will be 9 minutes and must not exceed 10 minutes. Your time will start at the first dagga on the dhol.
  5. Confetti and glitter are strictly prohibited on stage. If any team is found using these prohibited items, they may be disqualified from the competition or have points deducted (this will be decided by the judges).
  6. Each team is required to have Khunde and Shikke segment in their routines. Teams are encouraged to use a Mela segment to represent the Punjabi heritage.
  7. Team members must present a Photo ID to obtain a wristband which will enable everyone to attend competition relate events.
  8. Bhangra at the Falls Committee has the right to disqualify a team or hold the prize money if a team is found misbehaving during the competition weekend. We will not tolerate abusive behaviour by any teams as we look forward to host an exciting and safe weekend.
  9. We look forward to reviewing you registration package and thank you for applying.