Nachhattar Gill is one of the most famous punjabi pop singer. he is well known for his melodies songs. He is one of the most known name in and outside punjab then any other artist. Because of hisMulti talentness he is popular among masses between every age group. His religious songs are also listenable. Their are currently over 10 albums in the market. One of his hit albums is Naam.
Hit tracks from Naam are: Sheesha, Jaan To Pyareya, Malaah Beimaan, Naam, Dagebaaz Dildara, Nain Naina Naal, Cheere Waleya, Rani Ban Ke, Naina Cho Neend, Pardesian, Vekh Vekh Ke, Aakhde Sharaabi, Sharaabi Akh, Chakkey Jaam

Miss Pooja
Gurinder Kainth is well known as Miss Pooja, As of 2013, she has recorded over 3600 songs, released over 300 music albums (including religious music albums), shot over 800 music videos and acted in five Punjabi films. Shedebuted with her first duet song “Jaan Ton Piyari”. In 2009, her debut solo album was “Romantic Jatt” and the music video of her song “Do Nain” from that album was shot in Toronto, Canada. In 2010, her first two films were “Panjaban” and “Channa Sachi Muchi”. In 2012, the music video of her song “Shona Shona” from her third solo album “Jattitude” was shot in Hong Kong and she also made a debut in the Bollywood Industry with the song “Second Hand Jawani” from the film “Cocktail”. In 2013, her third film was “Pooja Kiven Aa” and fourth film was “Ishq Garaari”.
Year Album Record label
2013 The Miss Pooja Project: Volume 3 Parasite DARK
2013 Bathinda Beats Amar Studio
2012 Jattitude MovieBox Records/Speed Records
2011 Jugni (Miss Pooja: Live in Concert 2) Speed Records
2011 Breathless MovieBox Records/T-Series
2011 The Miss Pooja Project: Volume 2 ParasiteDARK
2010 Golden Girl Goyal Music
2010 The Miss Pooja Project: Volume 1 ParasiteDARK
2009 Romantic Jatt MovieBox Records/Planet Recordz/R&P Records/Speed Records
2008 Miss Pooja in Desi Mood Goyal Music
2008 Miss Pooja Top 10 All Time Hits Vol. 5 Simran Music Industries
2008 Miss Pooja: Live in Concert Speed Records
2008 On Full Speed 2 Goyal Music
2007 Queen of Duets Lucky Star
2007 Top 10 All Time Hits Simran Music Industries

 Harpreet Dhillon and Jassie Kaur

Sarthi K

As one of the most recognizable voices in Punjabi music of the past two years-Sarthi K with the music production of Davvy Singh with Record Breaking Album “Chandigarh Fever” will be back with CHALLA IN CHANDIGARH music by sachin ahuja.
Sarthi K was born in 10th Sep 1987. He was born in the royal city Nabha Dist Patiala Punjab to his father Sh.Ramesh Kumar Kaushik and his mother Smt.Sudesh Kaushik .Nabha has been hometown to him ever since so he is really attached to the city.He was interested in music from a very young age.According to his mother he could be found doing something with music at any given time sometimes singing, listening or playing music and same goes for his peers which were his first audience he use to sing for his friends who all loved to hear him sing, so this was a good encouragement for him. Sarthi K joined Govt. Arya School of boys and this is where he took the stage for first time singing “Appan Dovein Russ Baithe taan” by Hans Raj Hans the song got a really good response and love from everyone. Singing and becoming a successful singer became a passion for him and this passion has only grown over the year. Sarthi k started participating in all the school functions and competitions. He also started taking music lessons from his guru Mr.Rajesh Kumar. He kept on participating in lot of cultural functions,youth festivals and competitions. In college days song Rang Kalla(by Pappi Gill) became really popular in his voice on local stages. He also went on winning a prize from the president Dr.Abdul Kalam for singing “Bol Mitti Deya Bawea”.
It was also his first year in college that brought a big twist in his Carrier he met one and only Mr.Jaggi Tohra the amazing lyricist. Jaggi Tohra can make a song on any given topic in less than a min then the duo took off they would present their music at all kind of places functions, parties, get togethers etc. everyone simply loved them.Both have been working very hard on their music ever since.With God’s hand over their heads they have made their long journey towards success one step at a time with destination in sight their first album is due out in the month of November 2009.
With the Grace of God and support of all the loved ones behind him Sarthi K’s first album “CHANDIGARH FEVER” music by davvy singh. will be hitting the stores very soon.Sarthi k would like thank his parents, sister savi kaushik, Mr.Rajesh Kumar, Navjot bawa(navi Australia), Iqbal Sidhu(shampy canada), Gurpreet singh(guri), Yadwinder singh(yaadu), Mani , Kanwar Cheema (kittu bai from usa) harsimran singh (momu) and all the friends & family for the support.

Jarnail Jelly
Jelly is a famous Punjabi Singer.He has a versatile voice as he sung all kind of songs successfully. He was born & raised in a village called Bilaspur,near town Khamanon(Fatehgarh Sahib).But now he settled in Mohali. After completing his Graduation from Govt. College,Mohali.He made his debut in music industry in the year 2004 with his album “TAWEET” presented by Angel Records.
The songs Rumaal,Taweet,Naina Di Goli,Shehar Tera in this album established him as a Star in Music Industry. After that,he gave back to back hits to music industry,like Ikko Tera Lakh Warga,DC Salute,Gori,Roop,Jawaani,Dhola-The Sweetheart,London,Gabhru-The Young Blood. He is really thankful to all his fans for showing so much love & affection towards him from last so many years & hoping more in the future……
Now,he is really working hard for his new album that may come in mid november.
God bless u.
So,Stay tuned for more…….:-)

Gill Hardeeep
Gill HARDEEP  (Punjabi: born September 1971) is an Indian singer, songwriter, choreographer, and actor. He is consideredone of the most notable figures in the world of Punjabi music. He was born in kokri kalan  village of the Indian state of Punjab and gained national attention in 1994 with the song “Jatta ne Peni Daru.” Since then, he has gone on to record over 20 albums and has written lots of songs as well. In 1998 he announced the launch of his New album Jatt riskey after whisk , in that album he tried to make a wish on behalf of every punjabi peopels in his superhit song ” Kari kite mel rabba delhi te lahore da ” . This was time he started the journey of winning awards as Nobel man for tried to make friendship between India and Pakistan . Gill Hardeep Just Launched his latest album ” PUNJAB ” in Jan 2015
Gill Hardeep shot to fame with his hit song “seeti mar Arjuna ve.” Soon after that came “JATT RISKEY AFTER WHISKEY” Gill Hardeep received honorable Awards Like Delhi Lahore Awards , House of Common ( CANADA ) , Alam Lohar Award By Professor Mohan Singh Mela community, Dilshad Akhtar Award  [1] Gill performed at Various Great Functions at CANADA , U S A , AUSTRALIA . He also gave fabulous performance on open stages during part of his UK tour.
Personal life
Gill Hardeep belongs to Jatt Sikh family . He born in kokri kalan village near moga district Punjab India.
He done graduation from LALA LAJPAT RAI MEMORIAL COLLEGE DUDIKE ,At very young age he started to learn singing from his guru Munshi Khan and later he join Shri Reakesh Kalara Ji
He Launched by Saga Entertainment under the name of his first album Jatta ne penni daru which was very successful opening for him
In 2013 Gill Hardeep Join Health and safety organization group ( A Social Service ) for help the youth for better and bright future . Gill is very good lover of animals
In his Private time Gill love to play Grass hockey

Naseebo Lal
Naseebo Lal is a famous Punjabi singer from Pakistan, who is also very popular in India. She has become a household name, appealing to a fresh music loving audience around the world.  In a career spanning over thirteen years, Naseebo Lal has recorded over 1500 songs. Apart from Punjabi, Naseebo Lal sings in Marwari [Rajasthani], Urdu and Pashto.Often compared with the late Noor Jehan, Lal is renowned for the beautiful ‘Sur’ [tone] that flows in her voice.  She has sung many of Noor Jehan’s classical songs such as ‘Jadon Holi Jai Lenda Mera’ and ‘Anda Tere Layee Reshmi Rumal.’ These tracks have also been remixed by British music producers.Naseebo Lal was born into a nomadic family, who were originally from Rajasthan, India. The gypsy sounding tribe migrated to Pakistan soon after the partition of India. Naseebo Lal, who always wanted to sing from an early age, spent her childhood singing at weddings and family gatherings. Growing up, Lal was frequently singing songs of Madam Noor Jehan, but never did she think of appearing on stage or television, especially as it was against her family’s tradition. As she gained popularity, the family gradually supported her to take up singing as a profession.She learnt the art of singing initially from her mother, who was one of many talented artists in the family. She took further training under the guidance of Ustaad Lal Khan. Her industry Ustaad was tabla maestro Tafoo, who is known for composing the famous song ‘Sun Ve Balori Akh Walia’ from the film Anwara [1970].Naseebo Lal received her first break when Producer Sarvar signed her up for his Punjabi film Desan Da Raja [1999].She recorded three hit songs for the film, namely ‘Jinda Yaar Juda Ho Jaye’ “Bukkal De Vich Chor,’ and ‘Kundi Na Kharka.’ These songs till today are very popular amongst the masses.“I am very indebted to Sarvar saab for giving me this chance, which transformed my life forever,” said Naseebo Lal.  She then recorded the Hans Rans Hans song ‘Silli Silli Aundi Hawa’, following a request from a writer in Pakistan. When asked on Lashkara TV if Hans Raj Hans had an issue with her singing this track, she replied: “I was complimented for singing it so beautifully.” After the success of ‘Silli Silli Aundi Hai Hawa’ she started getting big offers. Subsequently she sung many songs for the Lollywood film industry. In the UK, many of her albums were released by the record label Oriental Star Agencies [OSA].Some of her popular songs include: ‘Meri Phullan Wali Kurti’, ‘Ronde Ne Nain Nimare’, ‘Sache Kabhe Moun Marde’, ‘Naseeb Saade Likhe Rabb Ne Kachi Pencil Nal’, ‘Sanu Maar Gai Sajna’, ‘Beh Ke Dehliz Wich’, ‘Dholna Dhona’, ‘Dil Tod Ke Mera Na Jawe’, ‘Photo Rakh Ke Sarhane’, ‘Jido Piche Maan Di Duwa’ and ‘Mahi Wah Jon Kon Mere’.Besides Pakistan, Naseebo Lal has successfully put some great shows across the world. Stage artists such as Nargis, Nisar Butt, Shabnam Chaudhry, Zubin Shah and Nadia Ali have performed alongside her.In 2012, Naseebo Lal delivered a unique concert at The Drum Theatre in Birmingham, England. Fans of traditional Pakistani folk and Lollywood music enjoyed this concert from a singer who has featured on more than 100 albums.Even today Naseebo Lal feels she has not reached her musical destination. According to Lal, a good artist keeps learning as long as they continue their Riyaz [music practice].“I use to Riyaz for about 4-5 hours initially, but with the blessings of the Almighty I now spend only 1-2 hours on a daily basis,” Lal said.

“My Riyaz consists of the ‘Aiman’ [seven notes] raag [melodic modes], along with the classical raag of ‘Miya Di Tori’. Whoever does Riyaz will have a good voice. Sur has no limits, like the sea it can change in direction,” she added.

In her spare time, Naseebo Lal enjoys making delicious foods such as Saag, Dal and Kheer.

Currently her brothers Shahid Lal and Tabedar Lal and sisters Sheena Lal and Farah Lal are active in the music field. Naseebo Lal has also released an album with brother Shahid.

Naseebo Lal has a soulful and brilliant voice, which touches the heart. Fans look forward to some more scintillating songs from this gifted artist. She is truly the Aan, Shaan and Jaan of Punjabi Music.

Raj Brar

Raj Brar a gifted singer, Actor, lyricist and music Director was born in Malke Village of Moga Dist, on 3rd Jan. He is active in music industry since 1992. With having a great essence of Punjabi culture he is pioneer of Desi pop and rock. After being very successful as singer, lyricist and director his Debut Punjabi movie “jawani jindabaad” was a huge success. He is Trend setter in Punjabi industry his desi pop series gave rebirth to duet songs to Punjabi music after long time. And as Punjabi Rap his solo Punjabi album “Re-birth” got the Music award 2008, Rebirth Get Award Of Best Album of 2008 . He also owns a very successful “The Team music entertainment recording company”.
He is a great magician of words as we heard his magical songs in the voice of various well known singers. The song “Teri bhijgi kurti laal pasine naal kure” by Harbhajan Mann was the first song which introduced Harbhajan Mann as beat singer was written by Raj Brar. And also the songs Vadhaiaan ji vadhaiaan by Harbhajan Mann. Labh kiton labh kiton bhabiye by Surjeet Bindrakhia. Sathon jogi baneya nahi Jana and. Naseebo chete kardi a by Inderjeet Nicku were writer by the great lyricist Raj Brar. His magical Lyrics were also sung by Satvinder Bitti, Kamaljeet Neeru, Kuldeep Manak, Muhamed Sadiq, Amrinder Gill, sardool sikander, Hans Raj Hans, Gill Hardeep, Major Rajasthani, Parminder Sandhu, and Harbhajan Shera.
Raj Brar has also introduced number of new lyricists as Bhinde shah, Lakhwinder Mann, Gurvinder Brar, Jarnail Chak Hajipur and Kuldeep Malke. As a Producer Raj Brar Introduced today’s well known singers as Surjit Bhullar, Balkar Ankhila, Gurvinder Brar, Seema Anjaan, Shera Bhohar valia, Maninder Manga and Anita Samana.
The PTC award for the Best Folk Pop Award 2009 for Rebirth

Gulzar Lahoria

Sangram Hanjra

Harry Sandhu

 Lakhwinder Sandhu (Bhand) and Gurbir Kaur (GoGo)
Anshu Sawhney – Preeto

 Teji Sandhu

 Ranjo Dhaliwal

 Bal E Lasara
Born and raised in Lasara village,Jalandhar, Punjab. Bal e Lasara was passionate about singing since his childhood, and came into the public limelight with his breakthrough track “Sutta Peya Shear,” followed by hits like “Tour Punjabiyan Di,” “Teri Dolli Te,” “larkare Gonj De,” Desi Desi with joti Dhillon, many others like “Brown Sugar”Bal-e Lasara is coming back this year with one of the the most awaited single track.