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Imela (Festival) :: Bhangra (Dance)

iMela, the annual international festival and Bhangra (dance) competition will be held this year on August 5th and 6th at the Scotia Convention Centre and Queen Victoria Park in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The Bhangra competition will be held at the Scotia Convention Centre, Niagara Falls on August 5th 2017. Teams from around the world will be performing live in front of an international audience and competing for prizes worth over $10 000.

We have four confirmed teams that will be travelling from the United States, two teams from Alberta, Canada and one team from British Columbia, Canada. We also have teams interested in coming from England, India, Australia, and local talent from Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto.

The iMela festival will held on Sunday, August 6th, 2017 at Queen Victoria Park in Niagara Falls, Ontario . This free event will be a family oriented ten hour cultural showcase, centered around a large main stage.

Some of the very best local Canadian artists and international Punjabi/Indian/Bollywood/Pakistani musical artists will perform at this event. Entertainment will include bands, singers, dancers as well as a few local and international comedy acts.

A `mela` is traditionally a public social gathering, or a community fair held across various parts of South Asia. A mela can largely vary in its activities and events. They can be focused on cultural programming, pop/commercial culture, and/or sports activities. The events are held to bring together members of the community, and present them with a day full of entertainment. A mela is an attractive event that brings together different cultures, and celebrates diverse traditions and rituals.

Virasat Media has played a large and significant role in the development and sponsorship of the first iMela event in the year 2013. The success of the first iMela lead to the international iMela in the year 2015. These events have been held at Queen Victoria Park which is in walking distance from the Falls, so close that the Falls are visible from the main stage of the event. Popular international artists perform live on the stage in front of international audiences. The family oriented afternoon is packed with diverse performances which are centered around a well-designed stage.

iMela is promoted and advertised in local ethnic media outlets across the Greater Toronto Area and in cities across the United States. Moreover, it is covered by international media across the globe such as in India, United Kingdom, Australia and many more. Each year the attendance of the event exceeds the expectation. An average audience of 20, 000 tourists and locals citizens attended past events even through unfavourable weather conditions.

The unique back drop of the Falls makes this event unique, and it stands out among others of its kind. This year the event will be held at two locations. The Bhangra competition will be held on August 5th at the Scotia Convention Centre, and the main iMela event will be held as always at Queen Victoria Park on August 6th 2017. Firework displays have been planned by the Niagara Parks Commission. As next year will be Ontario`s 150th birthday, the iMela 2017 will be a wonderful and memorable way to celebrate.




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